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Keto Burn

Keto Meal Plans and Workouts For Maximum Burn

Keto Burn is a simple Keto program that shows you exactly what to eat so you can start burning your body’s fat for fuel! Everything you need to acheive ketosis is included in this program! Keto Burn includes:
  • 60 Days of Keto meal plans that are easy to make and taste delicious!
  • Keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as snack and dessert recipes!
  • 60-Day Home workout program
  • 60-Day Gym video workout program
  • Keto Fast Food menu to help you order on the go!
  • Keto Food List showing you what’s Keto and what’s not.
  • Keto 101 Guide teaching you how the Keto diet works

Keto Beach Fit - Tone and Cut

You Will Build And Tone In This Program


Keto Burn is great as a weight loss tool! But what happens after you’ve lost your desired weight? You’re going to want to start shaping your body to get that amazing toned look!

Building muscle is not only good for giving you shape and tone, it helps you burn more fat at rest! This program will help you cut and tone simultaneously. Use this program for cutting. 

Keto Beach Fit - Muscle gainz

This Program Will Focus On Gaining Muscle

When you need to add lots of muscle, you will need to enter a caloric surplus. Use this program when trying to bulk up. Adding lean muscle is the secret to getting a beach body look! Everything you need to build lean muscle is included in this program!

Keto Beach Fit - Raw Detox

7 Day Detox Protocol

We live in a highly toxic environment and occasional detoxification is great for our overall health. This detox program includes a meal plan with recipes for your detox protocol!

Keto Beach Fit - Perfect Abs

Learn The Secret To Rock Hard Abs

What’s the secret to getting six pack abs? Learn how to get the abs of your dreams in this program!

Keto Sweets

Delicious Keto Recipes

This Keto Sweets cookbook is filled with delicious guilt-free recipes that won’t knock you out of Ketosis! Making Keto sustainable means having access to these goody treats from time to time.

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I’m a father, husband, teacher, coach, and influencer. I have helped thousands of people realize that they have the power to make a change in their lives. Join me and let’s make keto fun together!

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